The HIV/Sexual Health Education Sessions are run in collaboration by ASHM and Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC)

There are two components: Journal Club and Clinical Seminars.

  • The Journal Club is held weekly on Wednesdays from 9.30 to 10.20am. Presented by clinicians, registrars and nurses, it provides an update on the latest updates in the field of sexual health and is open to everyone working in the field of sexual health, inclusive of clinicians and non-clinicians. 
  • The Clinical Seminar is run fortnightly from 10.20 to 11.10am directly after Journal Club. These sessions are presented by physicians and specialists and are targeted at sexual health clinicians.

Presenters — CLICK HERE  for a guide on presenting at Journal Club.

Attendees — if you wish to be registered for webinars for the whole year, please email

If you any questions please contact ASHM HIV/STI Project Officer May Wang at or +61 422 855 376


Date & Clinic Allocation


HIV/Sexual Health Journal Club [JC]

Clinical Education Seminars [CES]


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6 Feb 2019


[JC] Ron Tripp, Lisa McCann and Brendan Crozier from SSHC on Journal of AIDS & Behaviour

[CES] Phil Read - Harm reduction for illicit drugs

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13 Feb 2019

SSHC Internal

[JC] Dr Alisa Pollack, journal to be confirmed

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20 Feb 2019

No Session






This education program is made available through these key sponsors.

Thank you to Janssen for providing breakfast at a number of sessions. 








To find more about 2018 HIV/Sexual Health Clinical Education Sessions:

  HIV/Sexual Health Journal Club (9.30am - 10.20am) Clinical Education Seminars (Registar Session)  (10.20am - 11.10am)
Date Clinic Presenter Journal Presenter Topic Webinar Registration Presentation Recording
Album Link HERE
7-Feb-18 SSHC Alisa Pollack sexual health Phil Read Treating HCV in hard to reach populations Closed HERE HERE MSD
14-Feb-18 Internal SSHC Vickie Knight Lancet HIV  NA NA Closed HERE HERE ViiV
21-Feb-18 SSHC Sian Goddard JAIDS Cherie Power NSW Dried Blood Spot Project Closed HERE HERE MSD 
28-Feb-18 Internal SSHC Timmy Lockwood CID NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN
7-Mar-18 RPA Loretta Healey ANZJPH Emanuel Vlahakis  Transgender care in regional settings Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
14-Mar-18 Internal SSHC Elizabeth Scally  STI NA NA Closed HERE HERE ViiV
Megan Hall
21-Mar-18 Kirkton Rd Dr Johanne Nelson Journal of Hepatology  Jeffery Post HIV late presenters case discussion Closed

only JC session


Only JC session


28-Mar-18 Internal SSHC Dr David Atefi STD NA NA Closed TBA HERE GILEAD
4-Apr-18 Clinic 16 Dr Lucy Beattie PLoS BMC ID

David Crawford

Prof Peggy Bain

Positive Life NSW

Kirby Institute

11-Apr-18 Internal SSHC Jane Gilbert Aids&Behaviour NA NA Closed HERE HERE MSD
Jo Shi
18-Apr-18 Liverpool Dr Preethi Rajagopal  AIDS Professor David Gracey HIV in Kidneys Closed HERE HERE ViiV
25-Apr-18 ANZAC DAY (No sessions)
2-May-18 RPA Dr Simone Herbert (reg) STD Dr Marianne Martinello HCV infection among gay and bisexual men Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN
9-May-18 Internal SSHC Kelly O’Reilly CID NA NA Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
Alex Weinheimer
16-May-18 RPA Dr Nick Comninos JID Dr Chris Fox Advanced Sexual Health Counselling Closed HERE HERE MSD
23-May-18 Internal SSHC Maria Cross STI NA NA Closed HERE HERE ViiV
Rachel Smith

Internal SSHC

(Session Cancelled)

Janine Garrier Int J STD AIDS NA NA Session Cancelled due to unseen circumstances     GILEAD
Melanie Mirto
6-Jun-18 Kirketon Road Centre Dr Lucy Cho BMJ/MJA Dr Benjamin Bavinton (Kirby Instititute) Biomedical prevention of HIV Closed HERE HERE MSD
13-Jun-18 Internal SSHC Tom Doyle AIDS Care NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN
Fran Turner
20-Jun-18 RPA Dr Jane Roberts NEJM Stefanie Vaccher PrEP Adherence Closed HERE HERE ViiV
27-Jun-18 Internal SSHC Dr Rick Varma current opinion HIV and AIDS NA NA Closed HERE HERE MSD
4-Jul-18 SSHC Dr Suzanne Rix JAIDS Dr Anastasia Volovets HBV and HCV Co-infection Case Discussion Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
11-Jul-18 Clinic 16 Dr Victoria Hounsfield sexual health NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSEEN
18-Jul-18 SSHC Training Day (No sessions)
25-Jul-18 Internal SSHC Melanie Mirto Int J STD AIDS NA NA Closed HERE HERE MSD
Janine Garrier
1-Aug-18 RPA Gary Prott  STI Dr Wilhelmina Huston Biological and Immune Characterisation of Women Experiencing Chlamydial Treatment Failure Closed HEREHERE HERE JANSSEN
8-Aug-18 RPA Dr Fiona Fargie Plos One NA NA Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
15-Aug-18 RPA Dr Niveditha Manokaran Lancet HIV  Professor Deborah Bateson Updates on HIV and the menopause plus contraception for transgender people and people living with HIV Closed HERE & HERE HERE ViiV
22-Aug-18 SSHC Planning Day (No Sessions)
29-Aug-18 Internal SSHC Dr Danielle Sammut  AIDS Care NA NA Closed HERE TBA MSD
5-Sep-18 External Session Dr Tobias Vickers CID Dr Rosalind Foster IAC (23-24 July) Feedback Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
12-Sep-18 Internal SSHC Rebecca Houghton STD NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN
Anik Ray
19-Sep-18 RPA Dr Wee-Sian Woon AIDS Prof David Templeton STI Prophylaxis Closed TBA HERE ViiV
26-Sep-18 HIV CONFERENCE SYDNEY (No Sessions)
3-Oct-18 External Session A/Prof Bradley Forssman

The Plight of the Perplexing

(Changed from HIV/AIDS conference report back)

Dr Bridget Haire


10-Oct-18 Internal SSHC Dr Anna Mcnulty HIV Medicine NA NA Closed HERE HERE GILEAD
17-Oct-18 Liverpool Dr Laura Elsom Int J STD AIDS Dr Virginia Furner HIV and Women Closed HERE HERE ViiV
24-Oct-18 Internal SSHC Dr Chris Bourne JID NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN
31-Oct-18 Internal SSHC Ruthy McIver NEJM NA NA Closed TBA TBA MSD

External Registrar Session

Dr Fabian Kong Making STI Treatment Decisions Based on the Pharmacokinetic Properties NA NA Closed HERE HERE Gilead
14-Nov-18 Internal SSHC Dr Alisa Pollack  &
Dr Victoria Hounsfield
IUSTI Conference Feedback  NA NA Closed HERE HERE ViiV
21-Nov-18 RPA Linda Garton Sexual Health A/Prof Richard Hillman DARE (Digital Anal-Rectal Examination) Closed HERE HERE MSD
28-Nov-18 SHIL Samantha Blake ANZJPH NA NA Closed HERE HERE JANSSEN

Port Kembla Hospital


Dr Kimberly Cipko

Dr Carole Khaw

(Remote presentation)

Report Back on Glasgow HIV Drug Therapy Conference 2018 HERE     GILEAD


Dr Kaitlin Daw  STI NA NA HERE