Key resources to support hepatitis B care


B Positive – All you wanted to know about hepatitis B

This manual provides a comprehensive summary of currently available knowledge and practice.

Hepatitis B and Primary Care Providers

This resource explains the role of primary care providers in hepatitis B testing, diagnosis, and management.

Decision Making in HBV

This resource provides an overview of the natural history of chronic hepatitis B and can be used when making decisions about hepatitis B management and treatment.

Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project

The Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project aims to assess geographic variations in the prevalence of viral hepatitis and the disparities in access to care, to identify priority areas for response.


ASHM develops a host of resources to support care delivery across different clinical settings. Resources are available as follows:

All Good: A multi-language website.

Hepatitis B and immigration

Hepatitis B factsheet for people newly diagnosed

          Available in Chinese here

          Available in Dari here

          Available in Indonesian here

          Available in Italian here

          Available in Korean here

          Available in Thai here

          Available in Turkish here

          Available in Vietnamese here

B Positive: All you wanted to know about hepatitis B – a guide for primary care providers

Decision Making in HBV

          NT-specific Decision Making in HBV found here

Decision Making in Viral Hepatitis Related Advanced Liver Disease

Hepatitis B and Primary Care Providers

B Seen, B Heard: Hepatitis B from Our Perspective

Removing Barriers - Addressing stigma and discrimination in healthcare settings

Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project


Find resources specific to HBV s100 GP prescribers here.
See ASHM's other resources across BBVs and STIs here.