• One-off prescribers: the face of DAA prescribing in general practice

    A report back on Professor Greg Dore’s presentation: DAA uptake and outcomes in Australia delivered at the Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum

    In this session, we were given an update on the current data about who is prescribing DAAs in Australia and how it is going, with a bit of a focus on general practice.

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  • Inside the Lived Experience

    A report back on Kurt Brereton's session: Inside the Lived Experience delivered at the Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum

    Kurt is a man who has had Hep C contracted, many years ago, in his youth.  He outlined his journey and provided insight into his feelings and treatment by others particularly health professionals and provided advice and ideas on how to interact with people who are at risk or do carry Hep C.

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  • Where are all the undiagnosed HCV cases?

    A report back on Dr Anne Balcomb’s session: Where are all the undiagnosed HCV cases? Delivered at the Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum.

    Anne outlined her work as a GP working in a hospital interface role in a small town and finding and managing patients with viral hepatitis.

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  • HCV care in OPT clinic setting: changing Model of Care and inclusion of peer workers

    A report back on Ms Sinead Sheils's session: HCV care in OPT clinic setting: changing Model of Care and inclusion of peer worker can increase client engagement and HCV screening rates.

    Sinead spoke about the benefits of her model, which involves collaboration between a Nurse Practitioner and a Peer worker to increase access to DAA therapy. The peer worker significantly increased engagement in screening by establishing rapport and endorsing the validity of the treatments to fellow peers. This also freed up the Nurse Practitioner to perform clinical care duties.

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  • Collaborative and Assertive HCV Focused Model of Care

    A report back on Sinead Sheils, ‘Impact of Implementation of a Collaborative and Assertive HCV Focused Model of Care on Screening and Treatment Uptake, in a Metropolitan, Private Opioid Pharmacotherapy Clinic”.

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  • Lifting the invisibility cloak: the role of nurses in Hepatitis C elimination

    A report back on Jacqui Richmond's presentation: Lifting the invisibility cloak: the role of nurses in Hepatitis C elimination

    Nurses are a large group of Health Professionals with numbers in excess of 365,000 in Australia, including an estimated 1800 Nurse Practitioners but why is it that their contribution is invisible? Jacqui raised the uncomfortable question in a room of delegates dominated in numbers by nurses.

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  • A Tale of Two Communities

    This is a report back on Mrs. Marrianne Black's presentation: More than just 12km: A comparison of the Chinese and Vietnamese Communities Living with hepatitis B in the Brisbane South PHN which was delivered at the Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference 2019, which is included in the Oral Abstracts 2: Gains and Gaps: The Hepatitis response in CALD and Indigenous populations.

    As a general practice nurse who serves many Chinese and Vietnamese people in our community, the presentation piqued my interest. It made me realise how important it is to find out more about health-seeking behaviours of certain ethnic groups, because it could potentially inform us how to better take care of them and manage their conditions.

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  • Full steam ahead in HCV eradication

    A report back on Kerrin Param's session All stories matter in HCV elimination.

    Since DAA Hep C treatment was made available on the PBS in 2016, we have seen increases in coordinated MDT efforts. The hepatology partnership model is one of those initiatives. They established community-based clinics in the areas of Caloundra to Bundaberg and in Maryborough prison. By establishing these community-based clinics, they broke down barriers and made Hep C treatment accessible and available to locals within those communities. 

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  • Hepatitis C and mental health

    A report back on Dr. Nada Andric's session: Treating hepatitis C in people with severe mental illness-challenges and victories in primary care delivered at the Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum.

    Dr Andric delivered an interesting, highly motivational and timely presentation, highlighting the importance of integrating viral hepatitis screening/treatment into mental health services.

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  • Thinking Forward in HCV: What Next?

    A report back om Dr Nicola Allard's session: Preventing HCC in primary care settings

    This session delved into the factors affecting liver cancer prevention in primary care. Some major differences include the diversity of settings within primary care, diverse people and structures, and a low frequency of cancer diagnosis. There are other challenges too such as time limitations, with the average length of a GP consult being 14 minutes and the median at 12 minutes (which is surprisingly more than the 6 minute medicine we were led to believe!) But more people are seeing the GP compared to 10 years ago, with 85% of Australians seeing a GP at least once in the previous year, which represents an important opportunity for engagement in preventive health activities.

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