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ASHM organisation structure


ASHM staff members make up a diverse group of individuals committed to supporting the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce. 

Our team members come from a mixture of backgrounds including health, education, conference, commercial, government and non-government organisations. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce and the cohesion with which we work across the organisation. 

We work collaboratively and in partnership with our members, sector partners and collaborators to achieve our purpose, keeping in mind our values of continual quality improvement and the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

To find out more about our values, read our Staff Code of Conduct.

To find out about opportunities to join our team or other organisations in our sector, visit our careers page.

To contact any one, simply email ashm@ashm.org.au and address your email to the appropriate person in the subject line.


Internal Values

Our people are valued and valuable.

We collaborated with each other to develop these five core value statements, which we hold close to heart in our workplace.


We respect all individuals and recognise the importance of diversity.


We collaborate with many different organisations to achieve common goals.


Management supports my growth and development within the organisation.


We are individuals but we work to serve a community.


We offer a great level of transparency for our stakeholders and clients.