• ASHM offers a range of accredited face-to-face and online HIV training and education.

  • ASHM training is practical by nature and includes HIV testing, diagnosis and management at both primary care and specialist levels.


Who is HIV Training Designed For?

ASHM offers a range of face-to-face and online training courses.

These are designed specifically for:

  • General practitioners
  • Community & Hospital s100 prescribers
  • Shared care practitioners
  • Practice nurses, and
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers
  • Aged-Care Workers
  • Any other specific workforces that require HIV education and training.

We are able to develop and tailor courses to meet your specific needs.

Please contact ASHM​ if you would like to discuss customised training for your workforce. 

Types of Training

​​Flexible delivery of education and training for the HIV workforce is extremely important.

We are able to provide this flexibility through:

  • Face-to-face 
  • Online learning (accredited and non-accredited)
  • Live and pre-recorded webinars.


We provide live accredited webinars so that practitioners can participate in the training and ask questions. These are often delivered by local experts and recognisable clinicians.

We also record these webinars so that they can be viewed after the live event and points can be accrued for these viewings as well. To view our webinar suite, please visit our ASHM Webinar Page.